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Hello Andrei,
Thanks for writing back.
I wanted to take enough time check all the links.
I’ve read about OpenResty but my concern is how to access the data I need.
So basically I’m diving my process in stages.
Stage 0: research and get the correct approach (this current stage)
Stage 1: get all the request and response to go through a custom functions (processReq, processResp).
Stage 2: write those functions to call the appropriate APIs.
Stage 3: stress test and optimization.
I think OpenResty solves the Stage 2 but I still don’t know how to handle properly the REQ/RESP, mostly the response since the REQ could be the first module called. But I couldn’t find anything clear on catching the response.
Maybe this is pretty straight forward but I’m messing this up.

Thanks you everyone for reading this.

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Happy Holidays!

You mean something like this?

Either way, you're probably looking at OpenResty Lua (, cosockets (, and maybe mlcache ( Instead of writing a full blown module, consider using Lua. I know this isn't an OpenResty forum, but... also has a bunch of goodies that might help :)


On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 4:16 PM Federico Felman <ffjr at<mailto:ffjr at>> wrote:
Hello everyone and happy holidays.
I’ve been asked to do a specific module for NGINX, I need to “log” all the requests and responses using some specific web services.
For what I’ve seen I can read the REQ easily but I don’t see any way to access the response.
Can you guys help me?

Thanks in advance!!!

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