AW: nginx-1.23.3 on Win Server wth HTTPS

Kappes, Michael Michael.Kappes at
Wed Jan 18 12:41:32 UTC 2023

Hello Francis
Dear readers,

Thanks for Help!

OK, the # stay on HTTPS ;-)

My "correct certificate information" is the Problem. Nginx tells me:

invalid number of arguments in "ssl_certificate" directive in C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3/conf/nginx.conf:102
(please note: "\" and "/" in the same path?!)

C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3\cert\ => here a my cert and key files
At my nginx.conf file (the syntax) =>

        ssl_certificate      C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3\cert\1-Servername.cert.pem;
        ssl_certificate_key  C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3\cert\1-Servername.cert.key;

I have tested both


And also


Both won't work...

Or, i make a temp folder ( for testing)

At my nginx.conf file (the syntax) =>

        ssl_certificate      C:\temp\1-Servername.cert.pem;
        ssl_certificate_key  C:\temp\1-Servername.cert.key;

Also here, i change "\" to "/" without that it makes a difference


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On Wed, Jan 18, 2023 at 08:51:18AM +0000, Kappes, Michael wrote:

Hi there,

> After unpacking the ZIP file I have a "nginx.conf" file which I edit, from line 98, the HTTPS server block starts there.

> C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3>nginx -s reload
> nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "HTTPS" in C:\nginx\nginx-1.23.3/conf/nginx.conf:98

In that file,

# HTTPS server

is a comment that should stay a comment.

You should uncomment and adjust the relevant lines that go from

# server {

to the matching

# }

> What do I have to do so that NGINX also accepts HTTPS connections?

Have a "listen" with "ssl", and the correct certificate information.

Good luck with it,

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