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Tue Jul 2 13:46:13 UTC 2013

Alexander Kunz Wrote:
> do you use a PHP framework? Most frameworks can cache also.
Yes, site based on Drupal 7. I trying to switch off drupal cache, all the

> What
> happens
> if you request the page with a unique parameter which is not used by
> PHP? Somethink like a random value at the end of your url
> test.php?random=xxxxx
When I add a new parameter (http://site/?qqq), page generate long time. When
a request a page with the same parameter again, page return fast. When I
change parameter again, page generate long time again.

> What happens on your page/script generally? 24 seconds is a long time.
This is some sort of information portal, during page render scripts make
about 50-75 requests to db.

> Are you querying a database? 
Yes, mysql 5 on anotner VM (in the proxmox virtual local network).

>Or filesystem operations? 
No, filesystem is not using (during start page generation, which I use for
this tests).

>Perhaps it can
> help you commenting out step by step in your PHP page/script.
> What kind of sotware do you use for this load test? 
I run tests via httperf (and now for single requests trying simple wget). 
All machines is VM under proxmox with 512mb RAM and 1 virtual core, except
nginx+php server - there is 1 Gb.
Dictinct VMs for nginx+php, db, and machine for test running. Also there is
one proxy/load balancer machine, but now balancer have 1 node in config and
redirect all requests to nginx (proxy using nginx too). I trying to exclude
proxy totally (with direct access to nginx+php server - all the same).

>Is this
> "" your localhost? Or is it possible that there is a
> proxy between your test server and load generator which is not
> bypassed?
This is VM - proxy, but I trying to exclude it and make direct requests to
nginx+php machine, this has no effect.

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