Limit_rate for different resolutions !!

shahzaib shahzaib shahzaib.cb at
Sun Jul 21 09:29:26 UTC 2013

What rate limit actually applies to it? And did you measure it? ("curl"
is usually a good tool to see what is really happening.)

>         location / {
> location ~ \.(flv|jpg|jpeg)$ {
> location ~ \.(mp4)$ {

Well the rate_limit was 180K before for all the files because i added it
into the server{} block and these location blocks were actually means the
rate_limit 180k will apply to any flv,mp4,jpeg file and after adding -720
before the location ~\.(mp4)$, the only 720p files will be served on
limit_rate 500k and the rest would remain the same which is 180k in my case.

I didn't used curl instead wget.

On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 2:24 PM, shahzaib shahzaib <shahzaib.cb at>wrote:

> Hello,
>       I added the 720p in the location{} and checked it by downloading the
> single file using wget and got the 500K speed :).
> location ~ -720\.(mp4)$ {
>                 mp4;
>                 expires 7d;
>                 limit_rate 500k;
>                 root /var/www/html/tunefiles;
> }
> That worked :). Thanks a lot @francis.
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